Matt Healy
Matt Healy
Forensic Video Analyst

Biography of Matt Healy

Matthew J. Healy comes to the Introtech team after 8 years of being a professional video specialist. He has a bachelor’s degree in electronic media production from Kent State University. In addition to his extensive experience, Mr. Healy has also received specialized training in both areas of Accident Reconstruction and Forensic Video Analysis. Some of his areas of expertise and certifications involve:

Accident Reconstruction 

  • Accident Investigation One
  • Accident Investigation Two
  • Accident Reconstruction
  • Pedestrian Accident Investigation & Reconstruction
  • Bosch CDR Technician 

Forensic Video Analysis

  • Axon Investigate Operator Certification
  • Axon Investigate Examiner Certification
  • Axon Investigate Meteorologist Certification
  • LEVA (Law Enforcement & Emergency Services Video Association) Level One Certification  

Today, visual and audio evidence is everywhere and can be found at more locations and from more diverse sources than ever before. Forensic Video Analysis is defined as the scientific examination, comparison, and/or the evaluation of video in legal matters. Most people believe that video is the ‘silent witness’ and that ‘what you see is what you get.’ However, a proper forensic video analysis will show that this is not always the case. In fact, often the videos examined and analyzed are not the original videos with the original meta-data, but copies of the original file from the DVR/NVR system. 

With the capabilities of Axon Investigate (formerly Input-Ace), Mr. Healy can interrogate Digital Media Evidence. Mr. Healy’s focus is to authenticate the video as being a ‘native’ original file, find the metadata within the video, determine frame counts and specs of the video, interrogate both the video and audio streams, and help identify the who, what, when where and why of the case. 

Mr. Healy also uses multiple Canon XA10 video cameras as well as multiple GoPro video cameras to capture video of the scene, vehicle inspections, re-enactments, and any other visual or auditory evidence. He frequently travels with the investigators out on the road and helps in documenting and capturing the scene.

You can contact Mr. Healy directly at or at 440-926-2627.