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For over 30 years, Introtech has served the insurance, legal, law enforcement, and academic community, while continuing and always striving to utilize the most current technology and capabilities. We strive to provide the most objective and foundationally accurate opinions possible. We call it as we see it, to a high degree of forensic and reconstructive certainty. At Introtech, we will continue to operate in this manner – with accuracy, honesty, and integrity.


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Our staff’s broad and essential experience comes from municipal police departments, the Ohio State Highway Patrol, Ohio Sheriff Departments, the U.S. military and Federal Park Ranger service. In addition, most of our staff has ten or more years of experience working in the private sector, which when combined with decades of law enforcement experience, provides an insight that no classroom alone can provide. In our 30 years of business, we have testified in juvenile, municipal, county and federal courts; and we have also presented our opinions in the less formal formats of arbitration and mediation hearings.
The Introtech staff is a cohesive well-organized team working together in close harmony to provide professional investigations as well as prompt and courteous administrative response, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We maintain on-call, after-hours experts to answer time-critical questions or to activate our go-team for immediate response to the scene of a crash or other forensic incidents.
We utilize the latest technology to forensically analyze evidence from transportation accidents, toxicology-related events, and more. Our staff is trained and experienced in the analysis of environmental issues, traffic control devices, navigation systems, human factors, biomechanics, forensic toxicology and other specialized forensic issues.

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