Ballistic & Firearm Analysis

Ballistic & Firearm Analysis

There are basically three types of ballistics, internal, external and terminal.  Introtech’s typical ballistic and firearm analysis cases involve an external ballistics analysis.  External ballistics deals with the flight of the bullet from the muzzle of the weapon to the target. This is truly a complicated subject involving parameters such as bullet shape, sectional density, atmospheric pressure and even, in larger-calibre weapons, the rotation of the earth. With the advent of powerful personal computers, this subject has, however, now come within the realms of the average person. What took hours of complex calculations and reference to books of flight timetables can now be achieved in a few moments.

Our expertise and services include:

  • Firearm malfunction incidents
  • Ballistics
  • Use of force
  • Hunting accidents
  • Firearms and survival tactics
  • Firearms training analysis
  • Use of force and firearms policy and procedure
  • Concealed carry issues
  • Ammunition analysis and accidental discharge
  • Justification analysis for deadly use of force

Ballistic and Firearm Experts

Most of Introtech’s staff consists of former military and law enforcement officer who have extensive training and experience in firearm safety, the use of force and completing several cases involving ballistic & firearm analysis.

For example, Scott Danniger is an expert hunter with an Associate Degree in Wildlife Management and is an expert on hunting safety and related issues. Henry Lipian has extensive military experience and training in a wide variety of weapons systems and is a military expert in pistol, rifle and combat tactics. Choya Hawn is a Glock and Beretta Armorer, an expert on police use of force and has won numerous awards for police combat and target marksmanship. Our expertise extends from black powder to automatic weapons, hunting accidents to civilian self-defense shooting incidents and law enforcement use of deadly force analysis. Other members of the Introtech staff contribute their extensive training and experience in law enforcement and military to enhance our ability in this category of investigation.