Mechanical Inspection and Analysis

Mechanical Inspection and Analysis

At times, a critical element to an accident investigation relates to whether a mechanical failure or defect contributed to the cause of a crash.  A mechanical inspection and analysis of an engine, brakes, suspension, electronics, fuel system, throttle, exhaust system, tires, linkages, hydraulics, transmission, wiring or other components may be necessary. 

Introtech’s Mechanical Inspection Experts

All Introtech reconstructionists have mechanical training and expertise, but when necessary, we include our top forensic mechanical specialist, James Drozdowski.  His expertise extends to suspension and braking components, fire cause and origin, engine, transmission, throttle, sudden acceleration analysis, exhaust systems, reading and interpreting fault codes through the vehicle’s DLC access, steering components and electrical systems.

When a mechanical failure is in question, the Introtech staff will complete the required inspection, apply the results to the accident reconstruction process and analysis.  As vehicles are becoming more complex with advanced mechanical systems, a full accident reconstruction should include a consideration as to whether mechanical failures contributed to the cause of a crash.

In addition to Mr. Drozdowski, our staff has expertise in the following:

  • Henry Lipian is a highly qualified boat mechanic as well as an expert in diesel engines and hydraulics.
  • Choya Hawn is a skilled motorcycle mechanic including transmissions and brake systems
  • Tom Tomasheski and James Crawford have expertise in electrical systems
  • Our entire staff has specialized training in tires/wheel safety issues as well as hydroplaning probability