Commercial Vehicle Accident Reconstruction

Commercial Vehicle Accident Reconstruction

Mistakes can happen, but negligence is preventable. Whether the extent of damages is great or small, no one should have to suffer because of another’s negligence. Commercial vehicle accident reconstruction is one of the most complex categories of accident reconstruction. 

Truck drivers in particular have a responsibility to be cognizant, as the sheer size of a commercial truck increases risk and danger in a collision. These crashes usually generate significant and dramatic roadway physical evidence along with extensive collision damage to the vehicles.  In the modern trucking environment, the investigation needs to include an analysis of on-board electronic devices that may provide critical pre- and post-crash evidence to the investigation.

An in-depth investigation should include:

  • Engine control module download and analysis
  • Brake condition and brake force calculations
  • Driver logbook and fatigue factor analysis
  • Complex tire mark analysis on the roadway
  • Fire cause and origin
  • Overloading and loss of stability issues
  • Compliance with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations
  • Engine casualties or other mechanical condition that could influence the crash
  • Driver strategy and tactics – including driver training issues
  • GPS and satellite communication analysis
  • Causative factors related to the role played by the Motor Carrier

Commercial Vehicle Accident Reconstruction Experts

Introtech consultants have been extensively trained in the proper interpretation of the unique physical evidence generated in a commercial vehicle crash.  Our specialized training in commercial vehicle accident evidence, human factors and commercial vehicle components have been obtained from the most prominent schools and organizations in the field including:

  • Northwestern University
  • Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake LLC
  • National Transportation Safety Board Academy
  • The Ohio State Highway Patrol Academy
  • The Institute of Police Technology and Management

We can properly image and analyze the electronic data from on-board engine control modules from a wide variety of commercial diesel engines.  In addition, we have our own in-house diesel engine expert with expertise in General Motors/Detroit, Cummins and Caterpillar engines. When necessary, we will incorporate experts in commercial driving procedures and standards to expand upon the human factor investigation. All this expertise and experience is applied to the unique aspects of commercial vehicle crash investigation.