Although more vehicles are being equipped with sophisticated lighting systems including light emitting diode technology (LED), many times a traditional lamp filament analysis of tungsten lamps is necessary. This specialized type of analysis can be critical in order to determine if a lamp was on or off at the time of an impact. Important considerations have to be factored into the analysis such as crash force magnitude, location of contact damage and proximity to lamp, size of filament, damage sustained to the lamp itself, cold shock versus hot shock, age sag, discoloration of filament, melted glass embedded in filament, light switch position, etc.

During our analysis and vehicle inspection we also consider the current technology contained in many vehicles such as daytime running lights, automated on/off sensors, adaptive headlights, LED and HID lights, adaptive brake lights and reflectorized materials.

Introtech investigators and reconstructionists have specialized training in this topic from various sources such as the Highway Patrol Academy, Northwestern University, and the Institute of Police Management and Technology.