In rural areas it is not uncommon for motorists to encounter farm equipment of various categories, sizes and shapes. Other unusual units in the rural traffic mix include farm animals, Amish buggies, wild animals and objects that have shifted or fallen from equipment. Farm equipment road accidents often occur during periods of reduced visibility and with the striking vehicle traveling at highway speeds. Unfortunately, the results are often tragic for both parties involved. A farm equipment accident reconstruction requires an in-depth investigation around several factors including equipment/vehicles involved, speed, force and driving patterns.

The usual issues that arise in these accidents include:

  • Conspicuity or visibility of the equipment
  • Vehicle speeds
  • Adherence to specific traffic laws that apply to farm equipment
  • Avoidance issues
  • Driving strategy
  • Vehicle dynamics during turns, acceleration, off-tracking and deceleration
  • Mechanical defects
  • Lighting and slow moving vehicle emblems
  • Whether livestock were properly corralled and fenced

The Introtech staff members that have been Ohio State Highway Patrolmen possess the specialized experience of conducting accident reconstructions involving farm equipment.  Several members of our team are experienced in the operation of various types of tractors and farm equipment.