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Vehicle pedestrian collisions usually result in injuries to pedestrians and sometimes even drivers.  In conjunction with standard reconstruction and investigative protocol, specialized investigative elements need to be considered as well.  All Introtech Reconstructionists have specialized training in this category of crash and are skilled in the use of all acceptable mathematical solutions to calculate the speed of involved vehicles.

With most of our staff being former law enforcement officers we are familiar with the traffic laws, strategy and tactics that apply to the pedestrian as well as the operator of the motor vehicle.  We apply this additional knowledge to the investigation and analysis.

In this category of crash we typically resolve one or more of the following issues:

    • Speeds of the vehicles/pedestrian
    • Strategy and tactics of all units involved
    • Night discernibility and conspicuity issues
    • Adherence to applicable traffic laws

    • Avoidability

    • Injury mechanism

    • First contact positions

    • Possible suicide or homicide