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Maritime casualties and watercraft crashes pose particular challenges in the field of reconstruction.  Crashes that occur in the marine environment can be far more complex and difficult to investigate than land surface transportation crashes.  It is imperative that the investigator possesses a thorough and comprehensive understanding of all the elements of a marine incident; human, environment, vessel and survival systems.

The Introtech staff includes two retired Coast Guard officers (a Captain and Lieutenant), both with vast experience and training in the field of maritime safety and accident investigation.  Their education and experience encompass such duties as Coast Guard Cutter Officer of the Deck, Command Duty Watch Officer, Search and Rescue Controller, Aircraft Commander, Search and Rescue Boat Coxswain, Emergency Medical Technician, Armed Boarding Officer, Engineering Watch Officer, Engineering Petty Officer, Engineer Officer and on-scene accident investigator.

In order to maintain our expertise we regularly attend various schools and seminars in the field of maritime safety and boating safety standards.  Introtech staff are members of the American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC), International Association of Marine Investigators (IAMI) and the National Safe Boating Council.  Mr. Lipian and Mr. Crawford are both Ohio Division of Watercraft Volunteers and often teach on the subject of boating accident investigation/reconstruction and are certified to teach the Ohio Boating Education Course (OBEC).

Introtech has conducted extensive operational testing with accelerometers, GPS navigation, photo/video documentation and navigation instruments.

Our investigative work includes:

    • Personal watercraft
    • Drowning and falls overboard
    • Commercial vessel operation
    • Recreational power vessels of all categories
    • Sailboats
    • Water-skiing, tubing incidents and other water sport products
    • Military vessels incident
    • Fire/explosions
    • General boating safety issues
    • Port security and safety issues
    • Component failure and casualties
    • Aids to Navigation issues
    • Piloting and Navigation
    • Marina and Port Operations
    • Survival Systems
    • Flotation, buoyancy and capsizing

Our staff has attended some of the most advanced and comprehensive training in the maritime safety and accident investigation disciplines including:

  • National Boating Safety School
  • National Search and Rescue School
  • Underwriters Laboratory Advanced Boat Accident School
  • Coast Guard Motor Surfboat School
  • Coast Guard Emergency Medical Technician
  • U.S. Coast Guard Academy
  • U.S. Coast Guard and U.S. Navy Shipboard and Aircraft Fire Fighting
  • Damage Control
  • Marine Engineering Schools from the U.S. Coast Guard, Mercury Marine, Caterpillar Diesel, Cummins Diesel, Detroit Diesel
  • Maritime Rules of the Road
  • Coast Guard Engineman and Machinery Technician up to and including Chief Petty Officer
  • Radar Operator
  • American Boat and Yacht (ABYC) Webinars
  • National Transportation Safety Board Academy