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All terrain vehicles and snowmobiling have become very popular. Although many crashes with these vehicles occur off road, there are times when operators of these vehicles crash into roadway objects or motor vehicles. Over the years our investigators have been involved in analyzing and reconstructing these crashes throughout the state of Ohio and other states. Whether the collision or incident occurs on or off road, we usually conduct a total station forensic mapping of the scene so that we can analyze the physical evidence on a scale drawing.

Steve Maurer and Scott Danniger have extensive experience in the operation and safety aspects of ATV operation in both on and off road operations. Our forensic mechanic James Drozdowski has been involved in conducting mechanical inspections for component and mechanical failure analysis. The overall process of investigating these crashes is similar to any motor vehicle crash, but the investigation of ATV and snowmobile crashes requires the unique experience and knowledge that our staff brings to the process.

Our reconstruction work has considered causative factors relating to road conditions, mechanical problems, operator error, speed, conspicuity, design defects, ATV organization groups and human factors.