Although flying is generally a safe method of transportation, accidents occasionally happen—whether through human error, mechanical failure, or criminal activity, which may require an aircraft accident reconstruction and investigation. 

An aviation accident investigator may also be called an air safety investigator. They investigate, study and report on airplane crashes to figure out how and why they happened. Aviation accident investigators cover a myriad of areas to determine the cause of accidents.

The history of the flight and the crewmembers’ duties leading up to the accident are noted. Careful documentation is made of the wreckage and accident scene, with calculation of the impact angles so that the pre-accident flight path can be determined. The experts may also examine the engines and propellers, together with all details of the electrical, hydraulic, and pneumatic systems of the craft and the flight control instrumentation. The investigation is extended beyond the aircraft itself, to the weather prevailing at the time of the accident and the air traffic control instructions given to the pilots. Crewmembers may be interviewed to look at possible human error factors, such as medical history, fatigue, training, workload, working environment, and drug and alcohol abuse. If survivors are involved, the investigators may document injuries and perform an occupant kinematics analysis as required.

Introtech’s Aircraft Accident Reconstruction Experts

Introtech is one of the few reconstruction companies that have the in-house capability of investigating and reconstructing aviation casualties.  This is a highly specialized field of investigation that demands specialized education along with extensive flying experience. Introtech experts have the necessary training in aircraft accident investigation procedures and flying experience to be able to complete an analysis. 

To complete an analysis, we examine the following:

Introtech has reconstructionists that have had the experience of actually investigating aviation crashes from an on-scene perspective.  At the upper end of our capabilities, James Crawford is a retired U.S. Coast Guard pilot with thousands of hours of flying experience from fixed wing to rotary wing aircraft with piston and turbine engines.  He has a master’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering from the U.S. Navy.  We maintain contact with other retired military pilots who assist us on a case by case basis.  Our staff member Scott Danniger was a parachute rigger in the U.S. Army Special Forces and assists in cases involving hang gliding and skydiving.

Over the years, Introtech has taught basic aircraft accident investigation classes to various law enforcement agencies. Our aviation analysis cases have taken us from Ohio to Florida.