Our Mission

Founded in 1989, Introtech has been dedicated to professional, scientific and accurate analyses of transportation crashes and general investigations for almost 30 years. We have a diverse staff of forensic and reconstruction experts, with specialties that include:

  • Automotive
  • Boating and aeronautical crash reconstruction
  • Forensic toxicology
  • Prescription and drugs of abuse
  • Alcohol and drug impairment analysis
  • Engineering
  • Ballistics analysis
  • Mechanical failure analysis
  • Pedestrian analysis
  • Occupant kinematics analysis
  • And much more

Introtech’s court testifying crash reconstruction experts have all achieved the prestigious Accreditation Commission Traffic Accident Reconstruction (ACTAR) accreditation or are in the process of accreditation. Individual staff members have also attained other important accreditations and certifications including but not limited to:

  • Private pilot license

  • Military aviation certifications for rotary and fixed wing aircraft

  • Various military certifications and accreditations

  • Ohio Boating Education Course Instructor certification

  • Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy Instructor

  • Driving Instructor

  • Ohio Licensed Private Investigator

  • Forensic Mapping Specialist

  • Advanced Forensic Mapping Specialist

  • Crash Data Retrieval Analyst for Event Data Recorders

Each year our staff attends training and education on a wide variety of topics.  No matter what a person’s past educational background, the technology and methodology of the investigative field is changing so rapidly that it is imperative for investigators to obtain updated and continuing education.  Without continued education in the field, an investigator/reconstructionist can quickly become out of date and no longer viable as an expert.  Many companies rely heavily on their staff education and college education.  Education alone does not make a first-rate expert in any field, well-rounded and wide ranging experience is also a necessary component.  It is vital for an expert to possess a combination of specialized training and experience in order to provide the most accurate and well-thought out opinions.  Introtech staff personnel have been there and done that!  Our background and experience is second to none.  With hundreds of years of combined military, investigative, law enforcement and scientific experience, our staff incorporates this vast experience in synergy with our education to provide a comprehensive investigation.

Our staff’s broad and essential experience comes from municipal police departments, the Ohio State Highway Patrol, Ohio Sheriff Departments, the U.S. military and Federal Park Ranger service. In addition, most of our staff has ten or more years of experience working in the private sector, which when combined with decades of law enforcement experience, provides an insight that no classroom alone can provide.

Another important aspect of our know-how is decades of experience in testifying in depositions and trial. There is no substitute for the critical proficiency of understanding the legal aspects of testimony and presenting opinions to the jury in an easy to understand presentation. We have testified in juvenile, municipal, county and Federal courts. We have also presented our opinions in the less formal formats of arbitration and mediation hearings.

Other companies may boast about how big and wide ranging their staff is, however large organizations are difficult to organize, manage and keep track of the work being done (or not done). Some experts are one-person operations that have limited capacity and resources with no administrative support. The Introtech staff is a cohesive well organized team working together in close harmony to provide professional investigations as well as prompt and courteous administrative response.

Unless all of our lines are busy, a human being will answer the phone. When necessary and after hours, we have a voice mail system. We maintain an on-call after hours reconstructionist through our voice mail system to answer time critical questions or to activate our go-team for immediate response to crash scenes.

We pledge to assign a case to the most capable and specifically skilled forensic analyst and crash reconstructionist. That expert will be supported by a team of highly skilled professionals. Ordinarily more than one staff member will work on a case for a comprehensive team effort. Our staff incorporates scientific expertise, technological resources, practical experience, sophisticated computer programs and testing equipment to resolve key issues or complete a full reconstruction.

For almost 30 years, Introtech has served the insurance, legal, law enforcement and academic community. Introtech has grown and continues to grow in our technology, staff and capabilities. We continue to update our equipment, safety features, software, investigative methodology, education and technology to meet the challenges of the future. We strive to provide the most objective and foundationally accurate opinions possible.